Graphical Connection with Windows

Getting an X-server running on Windows is tricky business. There are come commercial solutions available, such as X-SecurePro. Once free solution that should be workable is Cygwin/XFree86.

You can begin the installation process by downloading and running the Cygwin setup.exe program.

From there, the installation is described in the Cygwin User's Guide.

While installing, when you get to the "Select Packages" screen, click the "View" button once to get the "full view". Make sure these packages are set to install: bash, xfree86-base, openssh. If a version number appears in the "New" column, it will be installed; click the arrow to switch between and installed version and "Skip".

There is a lot of stuff to download to install the system. Sit back and wait for it to complete.

SSH from your computer to fraser

First, you have to start the X server. To do that, start Cygwin (by clicking the icon on your desktop or selecting it from the Start menu). You will see a command prompt. Type

A full-screen window should appear with a command prompt window. The GUI is a little chunky, but should be workable.

You can connect to fraser with this command:

ssh -X

Once you're there, you can test the graphical connection by running the xlogo command. If a new window appears with an "X" symbol in it, everything is working. (You'll probably have to press control-C to close it.)

From fraser to CSIL

Once you use you make an X Windows connection from your computer to fraser, you then need to connect from there to a CSIL machine. This can be done with the command:


Again, you can test the X Windows connection by running the xlogo command.

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