Content Negotiation Information

This page is intended to help people diagnose problems with HTTP Content Negotiation.

File Types

Your browser's Accept header:


There's probably a lot of stuff there. The important thing (for the moment) is that at the end you see */* or maybe something like */*;q=0.1. That means that your browser will take any kind of file if nothing else is available. This is rarely a problem since most browsers at least have this.


Your Accept-language header is:

This should be a list of the language codes for the languages you can read. You can ignore any ;q=0.x parts.

This seems to be where people have problems. When the browser is installed, it usually only puts your computer's default language in the list. If you've set up your computer in one language but want to read another, the language negotiation won't respond properly and you need to change your language settings.

To further the problem, Internet Explorer doesn't present you with the list of alternate versions that is always provided.

Other Info

These probably aren't the problem, but while we're here, it wouldn't hurt to provide a little more info.

Your user agent (web browser) refers to itself as:

CCBot/2.0 (

You claim to be able to accept these character sets:

You can accept these encodings (If you don't see gzip here, put your browser out to pasture.):


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