Guang-Tong Zhou's Biography

I am now a Machine Learning Researcher at Oracle Labs, Vancouver, Canada. I obtained my Ph.D. from the School of Computing Science, Simon Fraser University, Canada. My thesis advisor is Dr. Greg Mori, and my thesis title is Toward Scene Recognition by Discovering Semantic Structures and Parts. I am interested in machine learning and computer vision research, and the focus is to develop machine learning algorithms and semantic representations for high-level understanding of image and video data.

I received my B.Sc. and M.Sc. from Shandong University, China, in 2007 and 2010, respectively. During my master's study, I worked with Dr. Yilong Yin in the MLA Group on fingerprint recognition problems. I visited Dr. Zhi-Hua Zhou's LAMDA Group in Nanjing University, and researched on content-based image retrieval in 2008. After that, I spent six months at Monash University, Australia, where I worked on mass estimation with Dr. Kai Ming Ting. I later joined Simon Fraser University as a graduate student and worked under the supervision of Dr. Jian Pei on contextual outlier detection in 2011. In fall 2013, I interned at Disney Research with Dr. Leonid Sigal, working on automatic discovery of scene parts. I also interned at SAP from fall 2014 to spring 2015, and the project is to develop a proof-of-concept system for graph visualization.

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