Ghassan Hamarneh
 School of Computing Science
 Faculty of Applied Science
 Simon Fraser University

 ACM Senior Member & IEEE Senior Member
 BRC RAMP NeuroDevNet NeuroScience

Medical Image Analysis Lab

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Recent software/tools:

Machine Learning for Connectome Data
Survey and
'Living' Table





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غسان حمارنة
Interested in joining my group?
Recent papers in 2016:
arXiv: adaptable precomputation in RW Seg+Reg
arXiv: Encoding knowledge in seg.: survey + dbase
NeuroImage: Deep Learning for Connectomes
- MICCAI: Geometrical & topological loss in CNN
- MICCAI: predictive connectome subnetworks
- MICCAI MLMI: deep learning for dermatology
- MICCAI MLMI: segmentation-free kidney volume
- MICCAI MLMI: lesion segmentation in PET

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- Aicha & Colin nominated for award at MICCAI
- Masoud Nosrati wins CIPPRS PhD thesis Award
Brian booth defended his PhD thesis
Aicha - Frontpage of Vancouver sun
Best article for IMIA 2015 yearbook
Masoud defended his PhD thesis
- Podium presentation at WCD2015
- Best paper at MICCAI 2014
Masoud - 2nd place, ISBI challenge
Hengameh - 3rd place, ISBI challenge
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