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CMPT 102: Introduction to Scientific Computer Programming

Next offering: Fall 2013
Course outline

Course homepage

 From Data to Insight via Computing!

Course Objectives

  • Learn basics of scientific computing and programming:
  • Read and represent data (read numbers, audio signals, images)
  • Execute computing code (multiply, solve, invert, process, analyze)
  • Control flow of program (conditions, loops, recursions)
  • Use libraries (I/O, numerical, graphical, discipline-specific)
  • Output and format results (numbers, strings, graphs, plots, videos)
  • Organize your programs (indentation, comments, functions, libraries)
  • Debug your programs (syntax, semantics, documentation, profile)
  • Perform (hands-on!) the above via simple yet powerful “MATLAB”
  • Relate the above to real world problems.
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