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CMPT 340: Biomedical Computing
(formerly Computers in Biomedicine)

Next offering: Spring 2014.
course outline

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  • General objective of the course: Learn about the different ways computers and computational, mathematical, and engineering  techniques are used to advance health care.
  • After taking this course you will:
    • understand the different types of biosignals such as ECG and EEG
    • know how medical imaging works, such as MRI and CAT scans
    • be able to develop software to extract features from biosignals
    • understand the frequency domain 'Fourier' representations of biosignals
    • know how to process and visualize biosignals and medical images on a computer
    • be able to represent medical knowledge and implement diagnosis strategies
    • know how to perform pattern recognition tasks to differentiate between disease states
    • learn how to calculate confidence measures in treatment effects or disease progression
    • learn the basics of designing a computer based patient record
    • be able to give many examples of how computers are used in biomedicine
  • Project: The course involves working on a project to develop a real computer solution for a clinical problem. Earlier projects spanned a wide range of applications such as genomics, biometrics, database, image processing, tele-health, robotic surgery, and many more, including projects at our Medical Image Analysis Lab.
  • Advantages: there are many other advantages to studying topics at the interface between computing and medicine, including, wider career opportunities, graduate studies and funding, working with state-of-the-art software and hardware, collaborating with doctors and accessing valuable medical data... more are mentioned here
  • More details about the course are available in the formal course outline
  • Example Topics...

How to calculate the information content in a DNA strand?

What are the mathematical properties of biological signals?

How can we process fetal ECG signal?

What are Brain EEG signals?

How do computer-based patient records work?

How are computers used to acquire and process medical images?

How are computers used in clinical departmental systems?


How are pattern recognition techniques used for computer assisted diagnosis?

How do I write a program to calculate the heart-rate from an ECG signal?

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