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Machine Learning for Connectome Data: Survey and 'Living' Table

20161120 Adaptable Precomputation for Random Walker
Image Segmentation and Registration

20161113 Source code for Topology-Aware FCN presented at MICCAI 2016
20161101 Congrats to Colin for passing his depth exam on Machine Learning on Human Connectome Data from MRI.


Congratulations to Aïcha for her MICCAI 2016 paper on encoding geometrical (e.g. smoothness) and topological (e.g. containment) into a deep learning CNN, and being nominated for the Young scientist award.
20161010 Congratulations to Colin for his MICCAI 2016 paper on discovering connectome subnetworks predictive of clinical outcomes and for being nominated and shortlisted for the Young scientist award and awarded a podium presentation!
20160930 Congrats to Colin and Jeremy for their NeuroImage paper: BrainNetCNN; Convolutional Neural Networks for Brain Networks; Towards Predicting Neurodevelopment
20160930 Congrats to Jeremy, Payam, and Arafat for the MICCAI MLMI papers: on deep learning for dermatology segmentation-free kidney volume estimation, and lesion segmentation in PET.
20160930 Congrats to Ismail for his Computing in Cardiology paper (and oral presentation): Sub-Cellular Network Analysis of Ryanodine Receptor Positioning in Control and Phosphorylated State
20160930 Congrats to Roja and Colin for their latest contributions
- Physics in Medicine and Biology on paper Bladder accumulated dose in image-guided high-dose-rate brachytherapy for locally advanced cervical cancer and its relation to urinary toxicit
World Congress of Brachtherapy: Can Bladder Late Complications be predicted in Cervical Cancer HDR Brachytherap
20160705 Congrats to Masoud on his survey arXiv.prg paper on encoding prior knowledge in medical image segmentation, with an interactive online database


20160411 News article on Masoud's PhD work and thesis award.
20160331 Dr. Bernard Ng presented "Replicator Dynamics for Brain Community Detection
20160326 Congrats to Aicha for her Journal of Pathology Informatics paper on Clinically-Inspired Automatic Classification of Ovarian Carcinoma Subtypes

20160228 Congratulations to Masoud Nosrati whose PhD thesis won The Canadian Image Processing and Pattern Recognition Society (CIPPRS) Doctoral Dissertation Award. This award is given annually to the top thesis in the areas covered by the Canadian Conference on Computer and Robot Vision (CRV) completed at a Canadian institution. Masoud is a former PhD student in our group and has defended his thesis in 2015. See Masoud’s publications, thesis, and homepage.
20160201 IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics on overlapping cell segmentation challenge.
20160201 Congrats to Jeremey, Aïcha, and Lisa for their IEEE ISBI 2016 papers: 1- Deep Features to Classify Skin Lesions 2- Multi-Loss Convolutional Networks for Gland Analysis in Microscopy and 3- Enhancing Accuracy of Symmetric Random Walker Image Registration Via a Novel Data-Consistency Measure

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