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20090902 Several MIAL papers to be presented at MICCAI 2009.
20090902 MIAL presents at ISVC 2009. Three papers will be presented at the Optimization for Vision Graphics and Medical Imaging track of the International Symposium on Visual Computing (ISVC) 2009.
20090819 Hengameh Mirzaalian awarded studentships and scholarship. Congratulations to Hengameh Mirzaalian (PhD student of Prof. Ghassan Hamarneh and Dr. Tim Lee) on receiving the BCCA/MSFHR Infrastructure grant supported studentships and the CIHR Skin Research Training Center scholarship.
20090715 William Ma made a successful MSc defense. William Ma made a successful MSc defense today. Congratulations! Thesis title: Motion estimation for functional medical imaging studies using a stereo video head pose tracking system
20090507 Dr. Aaron Ward receives the Dean of Graduate Studies Convocation Medal. Congratulations to Dr. Aaron Ward (former PhD student of Prof. Ghassan Hamarneh) for winning the Dean of Graduate Studies Convocation Medal! Aaron is currently a postdoctoral fellow at Imaging Research Laboratories (IRL) at Robarts Research Institute, School of Medicine at UWO.
20090304 Special Colloquium: Advances in Dose Calculations, Image Processing and Dose Measurements in Radiation Therapy. Presenter: Luc Beaulieu, Departement de Physique, de Genie Physique et d'Optique Universite Laval.
20081021 VIVARIUM Seminar: Cortical Thickness Analysis in Humans and Primates. Presenter: Martin Styner, PhD. Eng., ETH, Neuro Image Analysis Laboratory, UNC.
20081021 Aaron Ward successfully defended his PhD Thesis. Congratulations to Aaron Ward who made a successful PhD defense today.  Thesis Title: Computational Intelligence Supporting Anatomical Shape Analysis and Computer-Aided Diagnosis.
20081009 Maclean's Classroom Visit. MIAL members presented eye-catching demos to Simon Hayter, a photographer from Maclean's magazine, for their annual university-rankings issue. We are grateful to Carol Thorbes, Information Officer with SFU Public Affairs, for organizing this event.
20080910 MICCAI 2008 Workshop - Exploration and Analysis of Functional and Time-Varying Medical Imaging Data. A workshop on the Exploration and Analysis of Functional and Time-Varying Medical Imaging Data was organized in conjunction with MICCAI 2008 in New York. The workshop was co-organized by Dr. Ghassan Hamarneh (MIAL) and Dr. Rafeef Abugharbieh (BiSICL).
20080816 MIAL and Vivarium Featured in FAS Applied Thinking: MIAL and Vivarium research featured in the June 2008 issue of FAS Applied Thinking.
20080815 Aaron Ward and Ghassan Hamarneh Featured in 'Technology for Doctors'. PhD student Aaron Ward and supervisor and co-director of the Medical Image Analysis Lab at SFU, Dr. Ghassan Hamarneh were featured in the article "Research at university lab is shaping up - Non-invasive 3D image diagnostics" that is published in the July 2008 issue of Technology for Doctors.
20080724 VIVARIUM Seminar: Some Recent Advances in Visual Computing. Daniel Cohen-Or, School of Computer Science, Tel-Aviv University.
20080721 VIVARIUM Seminar: 3D Geometry Reconstruction from Image Data and Biomedical Applications. Presenter: Hans-Christian Hege, Head of Visualization and Data Analysis Department, Zuse Institute Berlin (ZIB) Germany.
20080711 VIVARIUM Seminar: Polyharmonic wavelets---from isotropy to steerability. Dimitri Van De Ville, Radiology Department, CIBM Signal Processing Core, University Hospital Geneva.
20080624 Dr. Ghassan Hamarneh received CVPR Outstanding Reviewer Award. The IEEE Computer Society presented Dr. Ghassan Hamarneh with an Outstanding Reviewer Award at the Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (IEEE CVPR 2008) in Anchorage, Alaska. The award was sponsored by IBM Research.
20080601 Chris McIntosh profiled in the MSFHR Interaction.
20080527 MIAL Members highlighted in latest Brain Research Center's e-newsletter. The May 2008 Brain Research Centre newsletter is now available, profiling award recipients who are affiliated with the labs of Brain Research Centre, including Chris McIntosh, Aaron Ward, and Lisa Tang.
20080527 MIAL participates in MICCAI 2008. Two papers from MIAL will be presented at the Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention (MICCAI) conference to be held in New York.
20080329 Chris McIntosh Receives MSFHR Studentship. Congratulations to Chris McIntosh, PhD student under the supervision supervision of Ghassan Hamarneh, for receiving a Michael Smith Foundation Health Research Senior Graduate Studentship. The research funded will focus on "Spinal cord segmentation and analysis for understanding multiple sclerosis". Hear Chris' speech at the Award ceremony.
20080329 Rehabilitation Aimed at Muscle Performance awarded MSFHR funding. Michael Smith Foundation Health Research has awarded Prof. Darlene Reid, Prof. Ghassan Hamarneh, and other researchers the Team and Research Development Plan funding for research on "Rehabilitation Aimed at Muscle Performance (RAMP)". The proposal was ranked first among all applications.
20080326 Aaron Ward awarded NSERC PDF. Congratulations to Aaron Ward for being awarded the prestigious NSERC Canada Postdoctoral Fellowhsip (PDF). Aaron is currently a PhD candidate under the supervision of Dr. Ghassan Hamarneh, carrying out research on medial based shape representation, statistical shape analysis, and shape correspondence, with applications to musculoskeletal and neurological pathologies.
20080326 Chris McIntosh awarded NSERC CGS-D. Congratulations to Chris McIntosh! He has been awarded the prestigious NSERC Canada Graduate Scholarships - Doctoral (CGS-D). Under the supervision of Dr. Ghassan Hamarneh, Chris is a PhD student carrying out research on artificial life approaches for medical image analysis, vascular image segmentation, and energy-minimizing deformable models.
20080310 IEEE CVPR 2008 "SMRFI" paper on shape matching. Lisa Tang and Ghassan Hamarneh's paper titled Shape Matching via Registration of Vector Valued Image (SMRFI) will be presented at the IEEE CVPR 2008 conference in Alaska.
20080108 Omer Ishaq Successfully Defended His MSc Thesis. Congratulations to Omer Ishaq, who successfully defended his MSc Thesis today! 200Thesis Title: Algorithms for image analysis of corpus callosum degeneration for multiple sclerosis.
20080107 Lisa Tang Awarded NSERC/MITACS IPS Scholarship. Congratulations to Lisa Tang (MSc student with Prof. Ghassan Hamarneh) for her NSERC/MITACS IPS scholarship. Lisa will continue her research on registration and fusion of functional and anatomical medical image data.
20080124 VIVARIUM Seminar - Finding Objects with Dynamically Deformable Models. Klaus D. Toennies. University of Magdeburg
20071212 Zhe Fang Successfully Defended His MSc Thesis: Congratulations to Zhe Fang who successfully defended his MSc Thesis (in December 2007) (Senior co-Supervisors: Ghassan Hamarneh and Torsten Moller). The title of Zhe's thesis is: VISUALIZATION AND EXPLORATION OF SPATIO-TEMPORAL MEDICAL IMAGE DATA SETS.
20071203 Seminar: Shape Analysis Using Overcomplete Wavelets of the Sphere, By Prof. Polina Golland, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL),Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
20071123 Vivariam Seminar: Image Analysis Projects at the Computer Sciences Department of University Paris Descartes bio-imaging, satellite imaging, document analysis. Nicolas Lomenie, Assistant Professor, Universitť Paris 5.
20071031 Medial Profiles: Among Top Accessed IJSM Papers. Written by Dr. Hamarneh, Dr. Abugharbieh, and Dr. McInerney, the journal article Medial Profiles for Modeling Deformation and Statistical Analysis of Shape and their Use in Medical Image Segmentation has been selected by the International Journal of Shape Modeling as one of the top most accessed articles.
20071023 Open house event co-organized by the VIVARIUM Labs: the Medical Image and Computing Analysis (MICA) labs, the Autonomy labs, the Graphics, Usability, and Visualization (GRuVi) labs, and the Vision and Media (VML), at the School of Computing Science, Simon Fraser University.
20071019 World's experts on Medical Image Analysis meet at BIRS. Some of the best known medical image analysis researchers in the world met at The Banff International Research Station (November 5-9, 2007), which hosted the workshop on Mathematical Methods for Medical Image Analysis. The workshop was co-organized by Ghassan Hamarneh (MIAL) and Rafeef abugharbieh (BiSICL) and focused on presenting and discussing the latest trends and challenges for solving problems in segmentation, registration, shape modeling and analysis in a multitude of medical imaging modalitie.
20070904 MICA Information Session. The Medical Image Analysis and Medical Computing Labs held an information session. Undergraduate students from Computing Science, Engineering, Mathematics, and Kinesiology attended the session, which included talks by lab directors and graduate students, an informal gathering over snacks and drinks, as well as a visit to the to the lab and viewing and participating in project demos. The event was very well attended, with students from all four invited faculties joining us to learn about the kinds of research that we do, and the skills and courses that undergraduate students should develop and take in order to best prepare themselves for eventual work in our research areas. Due to the success of this event, we expect to hold similar events annually, with the objective of helping undergraduates prepare early so that they may enjoy greater success as graduate students in medical computing.
20070815 Image Registration Seminar: Dynamical systems and group-wise image registration. Presenter: Dr. Stephen Marsland. Massey Univ. New Zealand.
20070616 MIAL participates in MICCAI 2007. Four papers from MIAL will be presented at this year's Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention (MICCAI) conference to be held in Brisbane.
20070614 MIAL showcased projects to visitor Professor Cohen-Or.
20070613 Aaron Ward received Honourable Mention at CIHR National Student Research Poster Competition: Aaron Ward, PhD student at the Medical Image Analysis Lab under the supervision of Dr. Ghassan Hamarneh, received an honorable mention at the Canadian Institutes of Health Research National Student Research Poster Competition. Aaron was selected by SFU as one of the top 2% of doctoral students in the health sciences and nominated to participate in this competition and in the Canadian Student Health Research Forum (CSHRF) in Winnipeg, June 6-7, 2007.
20070612 Engineering a simpler computer. Making computers simpler to use is part of Vincent Chuís grand plan. The Governor Generalís Silver Medal recipient is creating ways to ease their use both in industry and at home. [full story]
20070607 Aaron Ward wins Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Trainee Award: Aaron Ward, under the supervision of Dr. Ghassan Hamarneh, has won the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research (MSFHR) Senior Graduate Studentship Award for his project on Volume and shape of the caudate nucleus and putamen as biomarkers for Parkinson's Disease progression.
20070507 I-DO developed at MIAL as new Insight Journal contribution: The ITK Deformable Organisms framework (I-DO)developed at MIAL by Chris McIntosh and Ghassan Hamarneh has been selected as one of the Insight Journal contributions to be included in the new version 3.4 release of ITK.
20070504 MIAL presented at "What can YOUTH Do?": MIAL members introduced medical image analysis projects to secondary students at this Gifted Education event on May 4, 2007.
20070419 Toward More Intelligent Health Care.  Getting a quicker, smarter look at medical images taken using computer-aided tomography (CAT scans) and magnetic resonance imaging would help doctors make faster, more accurate diagnoses. At Simon Fraser University, Ghassan Hamarneh and Chris McIntosh have developed virtual worms that can 'crawl' through images of tubular structures such as blood vessels. For details, see: IEEE Intelligent Systems, In the News, Toward More Intelligent Health Care, Improving Diagnoses, March/April 2007
(Vol. 22, No. 2), ISSN: 1541-1672, page 5, Danna Voth.
20070207 Talk - VisEn Medical: Applied Molecular Imaging from Small Animals to the Clinic. Jeffrey D. Peterson, Ph.D., Director of Applied Biology, VisEn Medical.
20070204 MIAL contributes 2 papers to the 2007 IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging.
20070122 Talk by Prof. Klaus Toennies (University of Magdeburg): Dynamically deformable models for shape representation.
20061114 FAS Mini-Symposium: Behavioural Neuroscience and Functional Imaging.
20061107 MIAL will present 5 papers at SPIE Medical Imaging 2007.
20061106 Intelligent Crawler Featured in the Vancouver Sun. The work of Dr. Ghassan Hamarneh and MSc student Chris McIntosh on image crawlers is renowned again; this time, their work is featured on the front page of the Vancouver Sun on Nov 6th 2006.
20061018 Creeping crawlers win award. From SFU News: Imagine an intelligent microscopic worm that could painlessly crawl through blood vessels, mapping every branch and passage. Such a creature could guide brain surgeons cutting out cancerous growths, or cardiologists searching for narrowed arteries. While no such thing exists in the real world, computer scientists at SFU have created artificial software animals that do travel the complex tree-like vessels in 3D medical volume images from CAT scans or MRIs (Magnetic Resonance Images). What's more, these virtual creatures can navigate more than just blood vessels. They can map out complicated networks of nerves, or air passages in lungs and similar complex branching systems in other organs.
20061017 MIAL participates in Open House: Several lab members made presentations and demos in the Open House.

20061006 CSC/PIMS Distinguished Speaker Series: Image and Video Special Effects based on Geometry and Partial. Professor Guillermo Sapiro. University of Minnesota.
20061004 From Medical Images to Computer Games. As a computing science undergrad working with Ghassan Hamarneh, Vincent Chu improved MATLAB's image processing powers, but after graduation he decided to apply his programming skills to computer gaming.
20090910 Image Crawlers featured on SFU FAS website
20060910 MIAL's papers in MICCAI 2006.
MICCAI: Spinal Crawlers: Deformable Organisms for Spinal Cord Segmentation and Analysis
MICCAI Joint Disease Workshop: (1) 3D Shape Analysis of the Supraspinatus Muscle, (2) 3D Shape Description of the Bicipital Groove: Correlation to Pathology
MICCAI Open Science Workshop: I-DO: A Deformable Organisms framework for ITK
20060816 Chris McIntosh Awarded CIHR CGS.
20060605 Seminar on Ultrasound-guided Computer-assisted Orthopaedic Surgery.  Prof.  Purang Abolmaesumi, Queen's Univ.
20060605 ISSPIT accepted 4 MIAL papers. Four papers by our MIAL members were accepted by the 6th IEEE International Symposium on Signal Processing and Information Technology (ISSPIT ). Accepted papers will be published in the Proceedings of IEEE ISSPIT 2006 and presented at the Listel Vancouver Hotel on Aug 27-30.
20060603 MIAL participates in the SFU open house.
20050515 Our second MIAL social event held on March 24th. We all had a great time and look forward to the third social gathering!
20060402 Seminar: Activation Analysis in Functional Magnetic Resonance. Prof.  Rafeef Abugharbieh, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, UBC.
20060314 Talk: Non-invasive evaluation of tumour microenvironment using PET and MRI in animal models for cancer. Presenter: Donald T. Yapp, Research Scientist.
20060310 Aaron Ward 2nd place winner in FAS graduate research conference. Three-way tie on second place including Aaron Ward's "3D Shape Description of the Bicipital Groove of the Proximal Humerous"
20060228 Level set regularization for highly ill-posed distributed parameter.  Dr. Kees van den Doel. UBC.
20060214 Selective Photon Counting Technology for Medical Imaging Applications.  Dr. Karim Karim, Assistant Professor of School of Engineering, SFU.
20060131 Seminar: Computation of an Average Atlas using LDDMM and Geodesic Shooting. Dr. Faisel Beg, SFU.
20060117 Talk: Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy in animal models of human diseases. Piotr Kozlowski, Assist. Professor, Department of Radiology/Surgery.
20060101 MIAL had three contributions accepted to the 2006 SPIE Medical Imaging conference.
20051129 Talk: Magnetic Drug Targeting. Dr. Urs Hfeli, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, UBC.
20051119 MIAL lab social. Our first ever MIAL social! It was an evening of great fun, good discussions, as well as delicious pizzas.
20051117 MIAL Participation in the Graduate Research Day.  Two focused graduate research talks (by Chris Jennings from GrUVi and Chris McIntosh from MIAL) and the opportunity to socialize and network with members of other labs. The Talk by Chris from MIAL will be on:  Detection and analysis of vasculature in medical volumetric images.
20051115 Talk: Imaging in Nuclear Medicine -- Is Chemistry Important?  Dr Don Lyster, Department of Radiology, Vancouver Hospital & Health Sciences Centre and UBC.
20051018 CCSMI Presentation by Chris McIntosh. Centre for Computational Sciences in Medical Imaging. Artificial-Life Models for Medical Image Analysis.
20051004 Seminar: Molecular Imaging with Glucose Derivatives. Cara Fisher, University of British Columbia Chemistry Department & PETGroup of TRIUMF.
20050924 BCKDF funding for MIAL.
20050920 Talk :A Framework for SPECT Image Reconstruction Using Graphics Hardware and Software. Bergner and Eric Dagenais, Computing Science, SFU.
20050624 A CFI New Opportunities Fund has been awarded to the Medical Image Analysis Lab.
20050512 Best paper award. Congratulations to Xiaoxing Li and Ghassan Hamarneh who have received the best paper award for the Canadian Conference on Computer and Robot Vision 2005. Their paper is titled "Modeling Prior Shape and Appearance Knowledge in Watershed Segmentation".
20050223 MIAL featured in the "Spotlight on Health Research News at Simon Fraser University": Biomedical Image Computing at SFU: A Training Ground for Health Researchers. Dr. Hamarneh from the School of Computing Science and Dr. Beg from the School of Engineering Science have established a state of the art Medical Image Analysis Lab (MIAL) at Simon Fraser University. Founded in 2003, the MIAL develops techniques for automated processing and analysis of multi-dimensional biomedical images including magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT), and ultrasound. As a training ground for MSc and PhD students interested in medical image analysis and computational anatomy, the MIAL is a key player in the field of biomedical image computing.
20041119 New course: Biomedical Image Computing.
20041027 The Medical Image Analysis Lab is actively recruiting M.Sc. and Ph.D. students interested in doing their masters or PhD thesis in Medical Image Analysis and Computational Anatomy.
20040915 New MIAL Website
20030901 Ghassan joins SFU school of Computing Science as an Assistant Prof.


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