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20131208 Paper accepted to IEEE MECBME: Towards Multi-Modal Image-Guided Tumour Identification in Robot-Assisted Partial Nephrectomy
20131205 Congratulations to Brian Booth for his third place result in the Best Clinical Poster competition at the UBC neuroscience extravaganza on December 5, 2013. The Neuroscience Extravaganza is an annual poster event organized by the UBC Brain Research Centre that brings together neuroscience students and postdoctoral fellows from the Vancouver area. Brian's winning poster was entitled, "Modelling the Healthy Premature Infant Brain". More information is available here.
20131127 5 papers accepted for IEEE ISBI 2014 in Beijing, China, on Bifurcation Detection, DTI-Simulation,   Random Walker Image Registration Pre-computation and Cost Aggregation, biomechanical tissue deformation.
20131015 Three chapters with Chris, Lisa and Brian appeared in the new book on Medical Imaging Technology and Applications. The are on the topics of Segmentation, Registration and Brain Connectivity from dMRI.


20130923 Our IGRS team's paper on "Towards Image-Guided Minimally Invasive Robotic Surgery for Partial Nephrectomy" has been accepted for podium presentation at the The Qatar Foundation Annual Research Conference (QF-ARC) in Doha, Qatar in Nov 2013.
20130923 Congrats! to Tayebeh, Lisa, and Shawn for the Best Paper Award at MICCAI 2013  workshop on  Machine Learning in Medical Imaging (MLMI) in Nagoya, Japan.
[Paper PDF: Improving probabilistic image registration via reinforcement learning and uncertainty evaluation].


20130909 Congratulations to Ahmed Saad for defending his PhD thesis:
Analysis And Visualization Techniques For Dynamic Emission Tomography Images
Ahmed's publications & Thesis details.
20130909 We are happy to announce the release of TurtleSeg version 1.30, with improved DICOM loading support (scan directories for all DICOM volumes; view DICOM volume information quickly before opening; handle extension-less DICOM files), improved error handling and other bug fixes:
TurtleSeg featured in INGENUITY (page 11)
published by the Faculty of Applied Science at UBC.
20130829 Congratulations to Masoud and Shawn on their accepted ICCV 2013 paper on global segmentation of multi-part objects with geometric constraints
20130823 Prof. GZ Yang visits MIAL and presents a talk on Surgical Vision for Robotically Assisted and Minimally Invasive Surgery
New Software DeformIt 2.0: Simulate novel images with ground truth segmentations from a single image-segmentation pair, now with support for scalar, vector and tensor-valued 2D and 3D images. Download
20130817 New software: View3D: MATLAB viewer for 3D scalar, vector, and tensor-valued (medical) image: documentation & download.
20130809 Congratulations to Jeremy Kawahara for successfully defending his MSc thesis: Spinal Cord Segmentation and Disability Prediction in Multiple Sclerosis using Novel Optimization and Machine Learning Methods, based on the following 3 papers: ISBI 2013, MICCAI MLMI 2013, and MICCAI CSI 2013.
10 papers accepted for MICCAI 2013 in Japan (3 main conference and 7 workshops).
See full list and download full text.
Ghassan Hamarneh’s project on the prediction of cognitive clinical outcome of preterm babies from diffusion MRI was a semi-finalist in The Cognition Challenge competition hosted by Johnson & Johnson Innovation. The Cognition Challenge was a crowd-sourcing inspired challenge that invited Canadian researchers and entrepreneurs to submit their solutions to address problems of learning and memory related to Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive disorders [ PR Newswire - Canada Newswire ]. See also SFU Computing Science News Item.

20130603 Congratulations to Tayebeh Lotfi for successfully defending her MSc thesis. For more info see Tayebeh's MICCAI MLMI 2013 paper.
20130531 IGRS project team meeting in Doha, Qatar.

20130528 TurtleSeg featured in Brain Research Centre newsletter
20130520 Congrats to Brian, Masoud, and Lisa for their MICCAI  2013 papers:
- Brian's on segmentation of highly curved fiber tracts in diffusion MRI
- Lisa's on optimization for random walker based image registration
- Masoud's on segmentation of spatially-recurring multi-part objects using evolutionary computation.
20130301 Congrats to Manku Rana for her J. Applied Physiology paper on 3D fascicle orientations in triceps surae.
20130327 We are pleased to announce the release of 120 new VascuSynth datasets. All images are saved in MetaImage format, with bifurcation locations, vessel radii, and tree-connectivity recorded in mat files. More details at VascuSynth.
20130305 Talk by Erika Chin: A 4D volumetric modulated arc therapy planning system for stereotactic body radiation therapy in lung cancers.
20130301 My pictureCongrats to Oliver on his Shape matching using Bilateral Maps CGF paper
20130201 Congrats to Jeremy and Colin for their  accepted papers for ISBI 2013.
- Jeremy's is on minimal 6D paths for spinal cord segmentation
- Colin's is on tractography confidence in diffusion MRI
20130201 Image guided-robotic surgery website
20130201 MATLAB code for performing edge preserving smoothing using Bilateral Filtering
20130101 MRF scale selection software available for download (by Hengameh Mirzaalian).
20130101 HairSim hair simulation software (by Hengameh Mirzaalian)


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