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20141117 Hengameh successfully defended her PhD Thesis. Hengameh is now a postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard. See Hengameh's Publications.
20141117 Talk by Prof. M. Emre Celebi. Title: Advances in the Computer-Aided Diagnosis of Melanoma Based on Dermoscopy Image Analysis
20141113 Talk by Dr. Shahram Amiri. Title: Quantitative Intra-operative Imaging Tools for Applications in Orthopaedic Surgery
20141020 Presentation by Aicha on "Computer Vision and Machine Learning in Digital Pathology: Teaching Computers to Interpret Histopathology" at OVCARE (BC's Ovarian Cancer Research Team)
20140929 PhD positions / Postdoctoral fellowship available.
20140919 Hengameh`s new IEEE TIP paper on hair analysis in dermatology images.
20140918 Paper on automatic localization of vessels in endoscopy won best paper award at MICCAI 2014 in Boston, USA.
20140720 NeuroImage paper on connectivity development of infants` brains.
20140704 Dr. Oliver van Kaick joining Carelton University as an Assistant Professor.
20140703 Congrats to Dr. Shawn for successfully defending his PhD thesis on "Fully Automated Medical Image Analysis Facilitating Subsequent User Analysis". See Shawn's publications.
20140512 Congrats to Shawn and Neda for their  IEEE TMI paper: The Isometric Log-Ratio Transform for Probabilistic Multi-Label Anatomical Shape Representation.
20140502 Congrats to Masoud for his IEEE TMI paper: Segmentation of Spatially-Recurring, Multi-Region Objects with Part Configuration
20140518 Book chapter on Streak-Detection in the book: Dermoscopy Image Analysis.
20140429 Congratulations to Roja for her COMP paper and being a finalist in the J.R. Cunningham young investigator competition.
20140420 Congrats to Jeremy (Labelling Laparoscopic Ultrasound Video), Masoud (Organ Segmentation in Multi-View Endoscopy), Shawn (Topology Preservation in Random Walker Image Registration) and Al (Localization Occluded Vessels in Endoscopy) for their MICCAI 2014 papers.
20140416 Congratulations to Hengameh for ranking 3rd in the 2014 IEEE ISBI challenge on Automatic Cephalometric X-Ray Landmark Detection using Globally-Optimal Pictorial Structures with Random Decision Forest.
20140416 Congratulations to Masoud for ranking 2nd in the 2014 IEEE ISBI challenge on Overlapping Cervical Cytology Image Segmentation using a variational approach.
20140415 Congratulations to Lisa Tang for successfully defending her PhD Thesis: Adaptive Energy Functions and Efficient Graph-Based Optimization for Deformable Image Registration. (Lisa's publications).
20140415 Congratulations to Jeremy Kawahara for being Awarded an NSERC doctoral scholarship.
20140401 5 papers to be presented at IEEE ISBI 2014 in Beijing, China, on Bifurcation Detection, DTI-Simulation,   Random Walker Image Registration Pre-computation and Cost Aggregation, biomechanical tissue deformation.


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