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 ACM Senior Member & IEEE Senior Member
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Medical Image Analysis Lab

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Non-SFU students enrolling in graduate courses at SFU

Students interested in enrolling in a graduate course at SFU, such as CMPT888: Medical Image Analysis or CMPT829: Biomedical Image Computing, should note the following:

  • You can officially register and get credit for such courses through the Western Deans' Agreement (WDA). Complete this WDA form at your home school first. The form can be found here.
  • You cannot officially audit a course through the WDA. Only registration as a graded-course is allowed under WDA.
  • Officially auditing a course (not-graded) requires submitting a different application and paying a fee.
  • Enrolling through WDA or auditing are processes that take time to complete. We recommend you start this procedure at least 2-months prior to the start of the term.
  • Unofficial or informal auditing is highly discouraged and can only be done following the instructor's approval.
  • If you have questions, e.g. to apply for official course auditing, contact the SFU-CS graduate student advisor
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