Ghassan Hamarneh
 School of Computing Science
 Faculty of Applied Science
 Simon Fraser University

 ACM Senior Member & IEEE Senior Member
 BRC RAMP NeuroDevNet NeuroScience

Medical Image Analysis Lab

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Group Members

(left to right) Jeremy Kawahara, Brian Booth, Colin Brown, Acha BenTaieb,
Mengliu Zhao, Saeid Asgari, Ghassan Hamarneh, Colin Studholme (visitor),
Payam Ahmadvand, Ismail Khater, Mian Huang


Former Postdoctoral Fellows...

Senior supervisor of ... 
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Others (not senior supervisor or not SFU students)

  • Fan Gao (undergrad)
  • Hexiang Hu (undergrad)
  • Samuel Chaves (MITACS Globalink)
  • Xiaojuan (Kathleen) Wang (MITACS Globalink)
  • Raissa Souza (MITACS Globalink)
  • Manku Rana (PhD)
  • Calvin Lefebvre (MSc internship)
  • Preet Jassi (undergrad)
  • Peyman Rahmati (MSc)
  • Fil Maj (undergrad)
  • Miranda Poon (MSc)
  • Marc Koppert (MSc Visiting)
  • Nariman Hatami (MSc student)
  • Judith Hradsky (MSc visiting)
  • Vincent Chu (undergrad)
  • Peter Plett (undergrad)
  • Samuel Liu (undergrad)
  • Janis Tong (undergrad)
  • Johnson Yang (undergrad)



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