gluProject - map object coordinates to window	coordinates

	  GLint	gluProject( GLdouble objX,
			    GLdouble objY,
			    GLdouble objZ,
			    const GLdouble *model,
			    const GLdouble *proj,
			    const GLint	*view,
			    GLdouble* winX,
			    GLdouble* winY,
			    GLdouble* winZ )

	  objX,	objY, objZ
			  Specify the object coordinates.

	  model		  Specifies the	current	modelview matrix (as
			  from a glGetDoublev call).

	  proj		  Specifies the	current	projection matrix (as
			  from a glGetDoublev call).

	  view		  Specifies the	current	viewport (as from a
			  glGetIntegerv	call).

	  winX,	winY, winZ
			  Return the computed window coordinates.

	  gluProject transforms	the specified object coordinates into
	  window coordinates using model, proj,	and view. The result
	  is stored in winX, winY, and winZ. A return value of GL_TRUE
	  indicates success, a return value of GL_FALSE	indicates

	  To compute the coordinates, let v=(objX,objY,objZ,1.0)
	  represented as a matrix with 4 rows and 1 column.  Then
	  gluProject computes v' as follows:

	  v' = P x M x v

	  where	P is the current projection matrix proj, M is the
	  current modelview matrix model (both represented as 4x4
	  matrices in column-major order) and 'x' represents matrix

	  The window coordinates are then computed as follows:

	  winX = view(0) + view(2) * (v'(0) + 1) / 2

	  winY = view(1) + view(3) * (v'(1) + 1) / 2

	  winZ = (v'(2)	+ 1) / 2

	  glGet, gluUnProject