AMAZING and FUN animation pieces from CMPT 466 course projects (Summer 2009)

Almost none of the students in my CMPT 466 (Computer Animation) class had any prior experience in generating computer animation. But look at how they were able to come up with!

"The Story of Eraser Guy"

Amory Wong, Peter Lee, and Benton Lam

"Don't Shake the Shaving Cream"

Xu Lian, Meng Zhu, Luke Paone, Lisa Yeung, and Jonathan Derrick

"March of the Tennis Balls"

Ryan Bujnowicz, Bronson Lysy, Eric Raue, Justin Scott, and Chris Walters

"Bille Jean and Thriller Dance Remix"

Daniel Truong, Long Tran, Ricky Quan, and Suen Ting

Flight of the penguin

Rouzbeh Youssefi, Jeremy Peterson, Shiyi Chen, and Mike Nohr