Surface Reconstruction  

     • Polygonal mesh most popular form of digital geometry
     • Currently, meshes painstakingly designed by hand or scanned with laser scanner
     • With no connectivity, scanned point clouds have limited usefulness
     • Need to build surface from the point set alone
     • Assumptions: points sampled to specified ρ-density, noise limited to δ

Our approach: Shrinkwrap  

     • Shrink a loose approximating surface until tightly conforms to underlying point set
     • Conceptually, like shrinkwrapping an object with plastic
     • Partly designed to address issue with "expanding balloon" deform-to-fit
         technique (touched on briefly in class)
     • Balloon approach needs a starting point "inside" the unknown surface
     • Opposite approach, shrinking, requires only knowing "outside" (use convex hull)