- Geography: - We are privileged to live in spectacular Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Here is an aerial photograph of the city and the Coastal Mountains behind.

The weather in the Pacific Northwest is unpredictable. A current weather forecast for Vancouver is here.

- Alternative Lifestyles: Hornby Island (48Kgif) is a small island protected from the Pacific Ocean by the lee of Vancouver Island. Here is a BCFerries map of the northern Vancouver Island. See if you can find Hornby? The island is populated by artists, retirees, old hippies, disillusioned academics as well as indigenous folk. Visit Hornby Island on the web and see for yourself!

We enjoy our summer home . Participating in this rural community is a rewarding experience. Hence we spend alot of time travelling on B.C. Ferries.

- Craftsmanship: Modern life is mediated by social and professional abstractions. I personally need to be involved in making craft with my own hands using skills that I have learned over time by study and practice. Fine woodworking is my art form. I design and make furniture, builtins and occasionally entire buildings .

- Direct Unmediated Experience: Some form of immediate connection to the physical world seems necessary. Both motorcycling and sailing fulfill that requirement for me.