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How to given presentations

         (Still under construction. Please send me comments.)


  • Software for presentations

               Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT) - not the only one, but probably the most widely used one now.

 - Frankly speaking, the templates provided by PPT are terribly ugly (Bill Gates' taste?); so try to find or design some better templates for your presentations.


  • Guidelines on presentations

              To my students you must remember:

  • Rehearsal
  Always overprepare for the talk. Better ensure that you can recite all.
  • Time control
A good talk is a short talk! You may underuse time by 1-3 minutes (almost all the audience will be happy), but never overuse time (almost all the audience will be angry). So rehearsal ! In general, 2 minutes per slide.
  • No equation
  If equation is a must,  give intuitive explanations and ensure that audience (not only you) can understand it; otherwise remove it. Audience can read your paper for details if they are interested in your talk.
  • Simplicity


  Never use the advanced options in PowerPoint, such as Rehearse Times (it has a trap! just use your own watch) and Slide Transitions (dizzy!), although Custom Animation sometimes helpful (but not too many!).
  • Clear font
  Do not use too many colors. Ensure that the fonts (color and size) can be read clearly on both screen (check room size; in general, 6-10 lines per slide) and printed handouts (often 6 slides per page; be carefully when using dark colors for background often difficult to read, and wasting printers' ink).  Bad Example: Can you read this ?






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