Information for Prospective Research Students


I am recruiting well motivated and dedicated Ph.D. students in the networking or multimedia area. In general, please contact me before your 3rd semester at SFU if you want to join my group.


I am mainly an engineering researcher, focusing on system issues that have practical impact; meanwhile, I also have strong interest on theory and their applications to practical systems. Thus, I welcome both types of students: those who are interested in building systems and evaluating performance through experiments, and those who are interested in solving theoretical problems and analyzing system performance mathematically.


Currently, I am particularly interested in recruiting students in, though not restricted to, the following directions.

  • Novel Internet architecture and protocols, in particular, application-layer multicast protocols, overlay/peer-to-peer networks and applications;

  • Multimedia streaming, in particular, streaming caching, scalable video streaming, streaming through overlay and peer-to-peer applications;

  • Wireless Networks and applications, in particular, wireless media delivering, applications of wireless ad hoc networks, and energy-efficient wireless sensor networks.

I have two major network testbeds funded by NSERC Research Tools and Instruments (RTI) Grant and CFI grant, respectively. The former is for video capturing and streaming over heterogeneous wired/wireless networks, and the latter is for data collection in wireless mobile networks and sensor networks. Both of them consist of a collection of advanced servers, workstations, mobile devices (PDAs/Notebooks/other wireless-enabled devices), as well as fast network routers/switches and state-of-the-art multimedia process equipments. Students are encouraged to use these equipments to better understand the practical issues in real networks, and to validate their research outcome.

In addition, I will provide intern opportunities in world-leading research labs for my dedicated students. Students are also encouraged to attend international conferences to build their research career.


If you wish to join me as a research student, then


  If you're now in our school


    then please send me an email along with your CV and let's have a chat;


    else  please see postgraduate programs and drop me an email.


Exit: My office is at TASC 9227. Feel free to send me emails.