U'09 will provide a unique forum for brainstorming and exchanging ideas and available resources.We invite contributions from the academia research community and the development and application community.
Workshop Topics
  • Statistical models We are interested in critical reviews on how the existing probabilistic models and methods can or cannot meet the new challenges in uncertain data mining.

  • Solution principles We solicit the latest advances in uncertain data mining. Interesting solutions and analysis of the potential and limitations of existing principles are highly welcome.

  • Novel analysis tasks and mining problems We invite submissions which propose open problems for research and development. A problem statement should clearly define a challenging problem, analyze why the problem is important and useful, and why it is challenging so that the existing methods or straightforward modifications cannot solve the problem effectively and efficiently.

  • Application stories We welcome descriptions of interesting applications where uncertain data plays an important role. Such papers should explore the causes of uncertainty in the data, the representation of uncertainty in data, and the implication of uncertainty on data analysis.

  • Data sets We call for donation of data sets and synthetic data generators which can help in the research and development of mining uncertain data. Accompanying a data set or a data generator, a paper may analyze the characteristics of the data set and the situations where the data set is good as a testing benchmark.

We welcome submissions of both technical papers and vision/position papers. Papers presenting new controversial issues are particularly valued.

To stimulate effective idea exchange and brainstorming, we will have two categories of papers and presentations.
  • A long paper has up to 8 pages in ACM template and tentatively has 20 minutes in oral presentation.

  • A "birds of a feather" paper has 2-4 pages in ACM template and tentatively has 5-10 minutes in oral presentation.

Paper submission will be electronic through https://cmt.research.microsoft.com/U2009/
Important Dates
  • May 4, 2009: submission deadline

  • May 15, 2009: Author notification

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