CMPT 888 G300 - Special Topics in Computer Graphics, HCI, Vision and Visualization: Computer Animation

(Spring 2018)




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Asimo Moana


Examines current research topics in computer animation, including but not limited to motion capture and motion editing, fluid animation, facial and hair animation, crowd simulation, full-body character animation, and animation methods using deep learning. This is a project-based course that aims to provide strong foundation on advanced computer animation methods and prepare students for research in animation, graphics, vision, HCI, and robotics related topics.


Course Staff

Principal Instructor: KangKang Yin
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The movie and game industry has strong presence in Vancouver:
 Electronic Arts  Atmosphere  Sony Imageworks

Publication venues for animation research:
Siggraph  Eurographics  SCA   Motion in Games  CHI  Pacific Graphics I3D

Some cool confereces you wanna check out:

Course Schedule (tentative, subject to changes, check regularly)

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Jan 3

Introduction to computer animation

Jan 5

Jan 8


Jan 10

Jan 12  
Jan 15


Jan 17


Jan 19

Jan 22

Jan 24


Jan 26

Jan 29

Jan 31


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Feb 9

Feb 12-16 reading break, no classes
Feb 19
Feb 21
Feb 23
Feb 26
Feb 28
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Mar 7
Mar 9
Mar 12
Mar 14
Mar 16
Mar 19
Mar 21
Mar 23
Mar 26
Mar 28
Mar 30 good friday, no class
Apr 2 easter monday, no class
Apr 4 project presentation I
Apr 6 project presentation II
Apr 9
project presentation III