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A Win32 library implementing the FFT Block Matching Algorithm can be downloaded here:

Note that this library does not included FFTW.  For the latest version of FFTW please visit  For the FFTBMA library to work, the FFTW library needs to be compiled into a DLL that implements real transforms.  To simplify this process, we have included a MSVC++ 6.0 project that can be used to compile the FFTW library as required.  Just extract the following zip file into the base directory of your FFTW distribution:

The above project exports only those FFTW functions required for the FFTBMA binary distribution to work.  If a general purpose compilation of FFTW is needed, then a more complete export definition is needed.

If you experience any bugs, or would like to offer any comments or suggestions, please send an email to

Version Info

The current available version of the software is version 0.1.  This is considered to be a beta release, hence the software should not be expected to be bullet proof.


There is currently no documentation available for the library.  However, the interface is relatively small, and the included header files should contain sufficient documentation to incorporate this algorithm into an existing product.

The library exports interfaces for the following classes:

FFTSearch - a class that implements the FFT Block Matching Algorithm
FullSearch - a class that implements the Exhaustive Block Matching Algorithm
HWTimer - a class that implements a simple hardware timer in Windows

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