Color from Shape from Color

Mark S. Drew Michael H. Brill
School of Computing Science, Sarnoff Corporation,
Simon Fraser University, 201 Washington Rd.,
Vancouver, B.C., Princeton, NJ
Canada V5A 1S6 U.S.A 08540

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copyright M.S. Drew, M.H. Brill 2000

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Fig. 1: (a): Radar range image. (b): Lambertian surface with surface reflectance of 16 Macbeth patches, simultaneously illuminated by three illuminants. (c): White Lambertian sphere in same lighting. Symbols r,g,b mark location of maxima in R, G, and B channels.

Fig. 2: (a): Three illuminants. Equi-energy white light is also shown. (b): Camera sensitivities. (c): Sharpened camera sensitivities.

Fig. 3: (a): Pixels self-shadowed from at least one light. (b): Pixels with solutions for ratios $\mbox{\boldmath$\space e\:$ }'$.

Fig. 4: (a): Recovered normals, shaded from (0,0,1). (b): Ground truth normal vectors, also shaded from (0,0,1).

Fig. 5: (a): Recovered surface with recovered color as seen under white light. (b): Ground truth surface and colors under white light.

Fig. 6: Ellipsoid in e1,e2,e3 space associated with a particular RGB point, with four solutions for normal vector equal to a given vector divided by the ellipsoid coordinates.