To Prospective Students



SFU has a strong Computing Science School with more than 50 faculty doing research in almost all areas of computing science. I encourage you to apply!


I am looking for self-motivated graduate students with research interests in the general areas of multimedia systems, mobile computing, and computer networks. If you are interested, please check the types of projects we conduct in my research group.




  Admission: is done by a committee, which selects excellent graduate students and matches them with Potential Supervisors. Please, visit the graduate admission page for detailed information on our programs and the admission process.

  Work with me: If you are interested in working in my group, you can mention my name as your potential supervisor in your application. You do not need to contact me or get my permission to do so. If you mention my name as a potential supervisor, the admission committee will consult me IF your credentials meet SFU standards. So, put any information that you want to pass to me in your application.

  Funding: Our School funds most of its graduate students through TA, RA, or Scholarships. My students work as RAs most of their time at SFU, which allows them to focus on research and produce good results.

  Email me: only if you have a question that is not answered above, please.