SFU Medical Imaging Group -- Research Team

Yonas Weldeselassie, Postdoctoral student: Denoising CT images (in cooperation with McKesson Inc.)
Geoff Tien, PhD student -- use of eyegaze trackers in surgery
Xianta Jiang, PhD student -- use of physiological measures in surgery
Ali Madooei, PhD student -- colour analysis of skin images
Ardalan Benam, MSc student -- analysis of melanoma images

Alumni Students and Researchers:

Maryam Sadeghi, Postdoctoral student: 2012-2014. Early diagnosis of melanomas
Mohammad Izadi, Postdoctoral student and MITACS intern: 2012-2013. Development of a low-cost tool for skin cancer screening.
Bardia Mohabbati, MITACS intern, 2013. Design and Development of a Mobile-based Medical Image Archiving System for Skin Cancer Screening.
2012: Maryam Sadeghi, PhD 2012: Towards prevention and early diagnosis of skin cancer: computer-aided analysis of dermoscopy images. pdf thesis

2012: Yonas Weldeselassi, PhD 2012: Tensor based analysis of diffusion weighted magnetic resonance images. pdf thesis

2011: Paul Wighton, PhD 2011: Towards Automated Skin Lesion Diagnosis. pdf thesis

2011: Saba El-Hilo, MSc 2011: Algorithms for image segmentation applied to DT-MR images and mammograms. pdf thesis

2011: Sina KhakAbi Mamaghani, MSc 2011: Tree-structure based framework for automated skin lesion analysis. pdf thesis

2009: Fernando Belli, MSc 2009: Improving access to data in legacy health information systems. pdf thesis

2009: Nhi Nugyen, MSc 2009: A hybrid approach to segmenting hair in dermoscopic images using a universal kernel. pdf thesis

2009: Yan Tan, MSc 2009: Improving mouse pointing with eye-gaze targeting: application in radiology. pdf thesis

2009: Geoffrey Tien, MSc 2009: Building interactive eyegaze menus for surgery. pdf thesis

2007: M. Dylan Tisdall PhD 2007: Development and Validation of Algorithms for MRI Signal Component Estimation pdf thesis

2006: Mila Kwiatkowska PhD 2006: Integrating Knowledge-driven and data-driven approaches in the derivation of clinical prediction rules pdf thesis

2006: Anne Fouron MSc 2006: Development of Bayesian network models for obstructive sleep apnea syndrome assessment pdf thesis

2006: Kimberly Voll, PhD 2006: A methodology of error detection: improving speech recognition in radiology (sup. with Veronica Dahl) pdf thesis

2005: Regan Mandryk, PhD 2005: Modeling User Emotion in Interactive Play Environments: a Fuzzy Physiological Approach . (sup. with Tom Calvert and Kori Inkpen) pdf thesis

2004:Arman Danesh MSc 2004: Scalable User Interfaces for the Web

2004: Melanie Tory PhD 2004: Combining 2D and 3D Views for Visualization of Spatial Data (co-supervised with Dr. Torsten Moeller) pdf thesis

2004: Heidi Lam, MASc 2004. Displaying Medical Laboratory Reports on small screens (sup by John Dill)

2003: Adrian Moise PhD 2003: Designing Better User Interfaces for Radiology Interpretation pdf thesis

2003: PhD 2003. Simultaneous Registration and Activation Detection: Overcoming Activation-Induced Registration Errors in Functional MRI pdf thesis

2003: MSc 2003: Eye Movements in a Virtual Laparoscopic Training Environment pdf thesis

2002: Keith Shu, MSc 2002. Digital Fashion: Wearing your heart on your sleeve. (co-supervised with Dr. Kori Inkpen, School of Computing Science, Dalhousie University). pdf thesis

2001: Wilf Rosenbaum Post-Doc Fellow (Low-Field MR Image Denoising)

2001: Ji Chen, MASc 2001. Context-Based Entropy Coding with Space-Frequency Segmentation in Ultrasound Image Compression (Co-supervised with Dr. Jacques Vaisey, School of Engineering, SFU). pdf thesis

2001: Tim Lee, PhD 2001. Measuring Border Irregularity and Shape of Cutaneous Melanocytic Lesions. pdf thesis

2000: Robert Hwang, MSc 2000. An Analysis of the SPIHT Image Compression Algorithm for Real-Time Teleradiology Abstract and postscript thesis. .

1999: Ed Chiu, MASc 1999 Lossy Compression of Ultrasound Images: a Space-Frequency Approach (Co-supervised with Dr. Jacques Vaisey, School of Engineering, SFU). Abstract and pdf thesis

1999: Simon Tang, MSc 1999. Client-Server Performance for Teleradiology. thesis .

1998: Johanna van der Heyden, MSc 1998. Magnetic Resonance Image Viewing and the "Screen Real Estate" Problem. Abstract and thesis.

1997: Hui Li, MSc 1997. Dynamic Region-Based Wavelet Coding for Telemedicine Applications. Abstract and thesis. (Co-supervised with Dr. Jacques Vaisey, School of Engineering, SFU).

1996: Kay-Uwe Gardner, PhD 1996. (Hiedelberg University, co-supervised with Dr. Schlegel from the Department of Radiation Physics.) Optimisation of 3-D radiotherapy using different radiation types and biological models.

1995: Mark Anderson, MSc 1995. Task-oriented compression of medical images. Abstract and zipped thesis.

1995: Blair Mackiewich, MSc 1995. Automatic Segmentation of the Brain in MRI.
zipped thesis and HTML version of thesis.

1994: Brian Johnston, MSc 1994. Segmentation of multiple sclerosis lesions in intensity corrected multispectral MRI. thesis. (co-supervised with Dr. K. Booth, Dept. of Computer Science, UBC).

1994: Christine Dykstra, PhD 1994. 3D Contiguous Volume Analysis for Functional Imaging.
zipped thesis . (Supervised by Dr. Ronald Harrop, SFU).

1994: Scott Barney, PhD 1994. Quantitation of SPECT medical Images. (Supervised by Dr. Ronald Harrop, SFU).

1993: Torre Zuk, MSc 1993. The Registration of MultiModality Medical Scans. Abstract. (co-supervised with Dr. K. Booth, Dept. of Computer Science, UBC).

1992: Tim Dudra, MSc 1992. A Heirarchical Approach to Local File System Design for a Transputer-based Multiprocessor

1992: Mark Mezofenyi, MSc 1992. External Sorting using Transputer Networks"

1991: Don Murray, MSc 1991. Use of transputers in a 3-D positron emission tomograph.

1991: Hugh Bawtree, MSc 1991. Software Engineering Techniques applied to the Run Time Support of a Distributed Language -- SR

1989: James Gunson, MSc 1989. Multicasting in a High-Level Language

1989: Bakul Khanna, MSc 1989. A Dynamic Priority Protocol for Real-Time Applications Using a Token Ring

1988: Garnik Haftevani, MSc 1988. Efficient Kernel-Level Reliable Multicast Communication on Distributed Systems

1988: Yvonne Coady, MSc 1988. An Investigation of Type-Specific Optimistic, Pessimistic and Hybrid Concurrency Control

1988: Douglas Bailey, MSc 1988. The Use of Semantic Information in a Distributed Data Structure

Past Post-Doc Fellows under my supervision:

Dr. Kal Krishna (June 1996 - Dec 1997). Statistical analysis of MRI images

Uwe Oelfke (July 1992 - 1995). Proton therapy dose planning

Markus Menke (Jan 94-95). Videometric measurements for patient movement in PET scanners

Stella Atkins
Aug 20 2000

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