Research focuses on computer based tools for user interaction with multimedia systems. This includes the use of networked multimedia for telelearning and systems for the choreography and animation of human figures.

In collaboration with Dr. Linda Harasim of the SFU School of Communication, Dr. Calvert and an interdisciplinary team have developed the web-based Virtual-U system for online collaborative learning. (Dr. Hasasim is leader and Dr. Calvert is Co-leader of the TeleLearning Network of Centres of Excellence).

Dr. Calvert and co-workers in the Graphics and Multimedia Research Lab have developed the Life Forms system for the choreography and animation of multiple human figures. The system has been developed to support human figure animation, movement planning and the composition of dance. Life Forms has been instrumented and is being used as a tool to study the creative processes involved in composition and animation. The research work is done in the Graphics and Multimedia Research Lab. The Life FormsTM product is distributed in Windows'95, Macintosh and Silicon Graphics IRIS versions and is in use throughout the world. The software is being further developed and marketed by CREDO Multimedia Software Inc.

Life Forms Quicktime Animation Clip (1.2MB) from D-Symphonies by Jimmy Gamonet of the Miami City Ballet Company.
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