Reading Group - Signal Processing & Wavelets

Meeting Time: Mondays 11:30-1:00
Meeting Place: Graphics Lab

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Wavelets and Filter Banks

One of the drawbacks of the Fourier Transform is that it is a global transform, i.e. if you change the FT of a signal just a little you end up changing the ehtire signal. Wavelets present a quite robust way of a signal transform that is much more flexible. Although wavelet theory has been around a good century (Haar) it didn't gain much attention until the work by Ingrid Debauchies who made them practical. Since it is a very powerful concept it had revolutionized the fields of Applied Math, Computing Science and Engineering in the past decade. Let's find out why. :)

September 25
SFU Torsten Ch 1.1-1.5 - Introduction
October 1
SFU Tom Ch 1.6 - Introduction
Ch 2.1 - 2.2 - Filters
October 8
SFU mom+dad Thanksgiving
October 15
SFU Reza Ch 2.3 - 2.4 - Filters
October 22
San Diego   Visualization 2001
October 29
SFU Steven B. Ch 2.5 - 2.6 - Filters
November 5
SFU Torsten Ch 3 - Downsampling and Upsampling
November 12
SFU General D. Remembrance Day
November 19
SFU Steven B. Ch 4.1 - Filter Banks
November 26
SFU Paul Ch 4.2-4.5 - Filter Banks
December 3
SFU Book W. Reading Break
December 10
SFU Steven B./Paul S./Torsten M. Ch 5.1-5.3 - Orthogonal Filter Banks
December 20
SFU Reza Ch 5.4-5.5 - Orthogonal Filter Banks

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