Reading Group - latest papers

Meeting Time: Mondays 12:30-2:30pm
Meeting Place: Tasc 8002

The overall goal of this reading group is to keep up on the latest and greatest graphics (& related topics). I was hoping to get together once a week to talk about a paper that seems interesting. I was envisioning rather a discussion group then a presentation, but I am flexible. The discussion group only works, if one has read the paper ahead of times. Then problems and thoughts about the paper can be discussed.

Here is the main material we want to go through:

Furter - you can pick papers from our wiki. Please have a look at the papers and send me email with papers that you'd be interested in reading ... also if you find other interesting papers - just let me know!! As of Dec. 2004 we agreed upon the following things:


May 15 Tai De-noising on the Body Centered Cubic (BCC) Sampling Lattice
May 22 Vicky Jack's Union
May 29 Usman Siggraph 2006
A Spatial Data Structure for Fast Poisson-Disk Sample Generation
D.Dunbar, G.Humphreys
local copy; also see the movie
Jun 05 Leila Vis 04
Physically Based Methods for Tensor Field Visualization
I.Hotz, L.Feng, H.Hagen, B.Hamann, B.Jeremic, K.Joy
local copy;
Jun 12 Eric Siggraph 2006
Light Field Microscopy
M.Levoy, R.Ng, A.Adams, M. Footer, M. Horowitz
local copy; also see the movie
Jun 19 Reza A Metapost tutorial
Jun 26 Oliver Siggraph 2006
Spectral surface quadrangulation
S.Dong, P-T.Bremer, M.Garland, V.Pascucci, J.C.Hart
local copy;
Jul 03 Sam and Jack Red And White
Jul 10 Brendan VG 2005
iSBVR: Isosurface-aided Hardware Acceleration Techniques for Slice-Based Volume Rendering
D.Xue, C.Zhang, R.Crawfis
local copy;
Vis 2005
Exploiting Frame-to-Frame Coherence for Accelerating High-Quality Volume Raycasting on Graphics Hardware
T.Klein, M.Strengert, S.Stegmaier, T.Ertl
local copy;
Jul 17 Matt Eurographics 2006
Silhouette Extraction in Hough Space
M.Olson, H.Zhang
local copy
Jul 24 Steven SIGGraph 2006
Partial and Approximate Symmetry Detection for 3D Geometry
Niloy J. Mitra, Leonidas Guibas, Mark Pauly
local copy, web page

Secondary paper: A Planar-Reflective Symmetry Transform for 3D Shapes
J.Podolak, P.Shilane, A.Golovinskiy, S.Rusinkiewicz, T.Funkhouser
local copy, web page
Jul 30 Vasco Vasco Day Out
Jul 31 Frank SIGGraph 2006
Perfect Spatial Hashing
Sylvain Lefebvre, Hugues Hoppe
local copy
Aug 07 Gordon BC,C
Aug 09
Richard Bartels Subdivisions, Multiresolution, Biorthogonal Matrices with Application to Image Compression and Reconstruction
Aug 14 Zhe InfoVis 2005
Visual Correlation for Situational Awareness
Y. Livnat, J. Agutter, S. Moon, S. Foresti
local copy
Aug 21 John ?
Aug 28 Ramsay ?
Aug 28 Ginger ?
Aug 28 Vidya ?

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