Cmpt 361 - Lab and Homework Assignments

Individual Effort:
No team participation is really encouraged in the case of the homeworks or the labs.
Late Submission:
Late Submissions are possible, yet they will be penalized.
One day late: 15% penalty
Two days late: 30% penalty
Three days late: 50% penalty
Four or more days late: 100% penalty.
Academic Misconduct

If source code (to enhance) from the WWW is used, it should be acknowledged and a priori permission should be sought. Taking source code from a peer or the WWW or a book to complete a lab makes you culpable.

Note: The university may use, or require students to submit assignments to, an automated service that will check for plagiarism (i.e. cheating by copying).

Grading Criteria:
Grading the labs will be based on the following:

The grader will grade the labs. If you have a problem with the grade you received on your lab see the grader first. If you can't resolve the dispute with the grader, then come see me. However, in order to maintain consistent grading for everyone in the class, I am not very inclined to alter grades that are assigned by the grader.

Don't get behind in the lab assignments. Always start early. Probably the main reason for students doing poorly in this course is getting behind in the labs and never recovering. Be forwarned, some labs depend partially on previous labs. Design and implement in a top down, modular fashion. Get something working that has the skeleton structure of what you need and then add features to it. Each time you add a feature, test it and make sure everything is still working. It can be tough to debug graphics programs if all you know is that the output is wrong and you're not sure any one module is working.

Programming assignments must be electronically submitted before the end of the due date, i.e. 23:59:59 is the absolute last timestamp for on-time submissions. Submission at 00:00:00 or after are late.

  1. Lab 0: not graded
  2. Lab 1: (10%) Due Oct 02 2011; 11:59pm
  3. Lab 2: (10%) Due Oct 16 2011; 11:59pm
  4. Lab 3: (10%) Due Nov 03 2011; 11:30am in class
  5. Lab 4: (15%) Due Nov 27 2011; 11:59pm

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