Cmpt 361 - Reading List and Resources

Required book for the course:

The reason we have been teaching based on Angel's book for several years now has been the fact, that it helps the student to understand OpenGL, which is one of the most important graphics standards there is. Most of you, when you go off to industry and have to do graphics will encounter OpenGL code. We hope, that latest at that time you will benefit from the exposure of this course and in particular this book. The frawback is, that Angel's book is not 'complete'. One of the most relied upon graphics books has been:

However, while it is still a very valuable resource, it is slowly but surely getting out of date. If there is any book, that can replace Foley et al., it ought to be the one by Shirley et al. There are a number of people who really like it and I can only highly recommend it:

Last, but not least, a great companion for all questions regarding 'OpenGL' is the SuperBible: Make sure to check out the fifth edition, since only that edition will cover the new OpenGL (after release 3.x). There are many important references to books and software that are needed for this course, which are summarized here.
Last modified: September 2011
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