Cmpt 466 - Tentative Class Schedule

Week Date Tuesday 1st half Tuesday 2nd half
1 Jan 11 Administration + Review
pdf1; pdf2
Wayne Carlson
2 Jan 18 Background - graphics display pipeline,
quaternion math,
rendering issues for animation,
Lasseter 1
Lasseter 2
Lasseter pdf
curve formulations,
introduction to interpolation
3 Jan 25 The Principles of Animation - Leslie Bishko
assign HW1
The Principles of Animation - Leslie Bishko
4 Feb 01 Interpolation:
parameterization by arc length,
numerical method and supersampling
ease-in/ease-out control;
sine function and constant acceleration;
Path following and the Frenet Frame
5 Feb 08 Quaternion Interpolation:
slerping; Bezier inerpolation
Shape Deformation:
non-uniform scale, global deformations,
6 Feb 15 Presentation 1 Shape Deformation:
skeletal bending, grid deformation, FFDs
7 Feb 22 Presentation 2 Forward kinematics:
pose vectors, joint representation, tree traversal
8 Mar 1 Inverse kinematics:
analytic solution to simple inverse kinematics,
use of pseudo inverse of Jacobian for inverse kinematics;
Physically based animation:
update position, orientation, linear momentum,
angular momentum by velocity,
angular velocity cross orientation matrix, force, torque;
9 Mar 8 Midterm Forces: unary operators: gravity, viscosity;
springs and dampers; forces of spatial interaction;
Rigid Body Dynamics: linear and rotational momentum
10 Mar 15 Presentation 3 Collision detection: backing up simulation v. penalty force method; separating plane between convex polyhedra; testing for collision at point of contact; sweeping volume to test for collision; computing plane of contact; computing impulse force.
11 Mar 22 Particle systems: position, velocity, acculumated force, mass;
flocking behavior: emergent behavior; modeling individual member; interacting members: collision avoidance, matching velocity, flock centering; perception, physics, reaction, reasoning; perception, field of view, affected by speed, affected by size and distance of referent; interacting with environment; using forces and problems with parallel flight path, straight ahead force, finding passageways; global control of migratory urge, following leader; forces v. behavior; arbitrating effects: averaging v. prioritization;
Particle systems/Flocking: cont. ...
12 Mar 29 Presentation 4 L-Systems: context-free, bracketed, non-determininstic, stochastic, context-sensitive, parametric, timed, open
13 Apr 5 Natural Phnomena: water, clouds, fire
Natural Phnomena:
water, clouds, fire
Final April 15 & 19 April 15 - 4:30-6:30pm ASB 9705
final animation
final presentation of animation to class, videotape of animation
April 19 - final 3:30-6:30pm ASB 9705

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