Cmpt 467/767 - Visualization

Torsten Möller
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Content Description:
Visualization deals with all aspects that are connected with the visual representation of data sets from scientific experiments, simulations, medical scanners, databases, web system, and the like in order to achieve a deeper understanding or a simpler representation of complex phenomena and to extract important information visually. To obtain these goals, both well-known techniques from the field of interactive computer graphics and completely new methods are applied. The objective of the course is to provide knowledge about visualization algorithms and data structures as well as acquaintance with practical applications of visualization. Through several projects the student is expected to learn methods to explore and visualize different kinds of data sets.
undergrads: CMPT 361 and MACM 316.
grads: Basic graphics knowledge is necessary (Cmpt 361). Some basic algebra/numerical concepts are necessary.

Tentative Class Schedule (includes class notes)
Assignments: 10% + 15%
Project: 50%
Participation: 10%
Presentation: 15%
I'll make use of the gradebook.

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