Cmpt 467/767 - Lab and Homework Assignments

Individual Effort:
No team participation is really encouraged in the case of the homeworks or the labs.
Late Submission:
In general late submission is not encouraged/accepted unless there is a very good reason.
Academic Misconduct


  1. Assignment 1 (10%): Due Sep 24th 2010; 11:59
  2. Assignment 2 (15%): Due Oct 18th 2010; 11:59
  3. Project (50%)
  4. Presentation (15%)


Students should do the core readings before the lectures and participate in class discussions during both lectures and student presentations. 10% of your total grade is based on class discussion - both during the professor's lectures, and during your classmates' presentation.

Attendance in class is expected.

By 11:30am (two hours before class starts), students must send me email with a set of three questions about the material being covered that day. I encourage you to also bring a printout of these questions with you to class, and use them as a springboard for discussion. Your email must have the subject line

Subject: 467/767 submit Qnum
where num is the lecture number.

Your submitted questions/comments should be thoughtful, and clearly show that you've done the reading and reflected on it. They do not all have to be phrased in the form of a question, a comment is fine. If you genuinely are confused by some aspect of the reading, then it's useful and legitimate to ask for clarification. However, simply asking something that you could trivially look up yourself is not a good question. As with any written work that you hand in, I expect correct grammar and spelling.

Last modified: September 2010
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