Cmpt 888 - Multi-Dimensional Signal Processing, Approximation Theory and Application

Torsten Möller
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The goal of this class is to read state-of-the-art research papers on multi-dimensional signal processing and approximation theory. We will spend some time on fundamentals in 1D, after which we will focus on the intricacies of multi-dimensional signals. While the standard approach of multi-dimensional processing are tensor-product extensions of one-dimensional concepts, the main goal of this class is to bring across that the world of multi-D is much richer and more exciting than this.

You will be applying the learned concepts to applications from image processing, graphics and visualization. As this is a seminar course, I am also open to other application areas. (Please be aware that my understanding of multi-D is at least 3D.:))

Some topics that will be covered include:

While there is nothing you couldn't pick up when needed, some appreciation of Fourier Transforms would be a plus. You should also be comfortable with some analysis and algebra.

Tentative Class Schedule
The main achievement of this class is to work on a semester long project. It will include 2 or 3 class presentations. You will be graded on these presentations, your achievements and the final report. Check out the project pages for details.

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