Reading List and Resources

I am trying to summarize important resources (software, weblinks) as well as some more important literature in the general area of graphics. You might want to check out some of these. You can find alternative explanations and more insight into the topics covered in our graphics and graphics-related classes.

Please inform me, if you find out-of-date links or other useful refernces, that I am missing!

General Graphics

Possible Introduction Textbooks (Cmpt361):

Possible Advanced Textbooks:

Global Illumination Textbooks (Cmpt 461/761):

Great Reference Books:

Recreational Graphics:

Animation Literature

CS books (Cmpt466):

Books on Animation:

Visualization Literature

Volume Graphics (Cmpt 767):

Background Texts

Signal Processing:

Image Processing:

Programming References

SFU related links



Graphics on GPU's

VTK stuff


Good math references

Fourier Transforms and FFT software

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