Health And Safety

(This was created by Tom Shermer - I couldn't say it any better.)

Ergonomics and Cumulative Trauma Disorders

As someone doing repetitive motions, such as sitting at a computer and typing, or sitting at a desk and writing, it will do you good to learn about the health problems these activities can cause. Here are a very few links to relevant web pages. This is serious stuff. Learn, or suffer.


For information on safety around campus, please take a look at campus security's page on personal security and the safety guide contained therein.


In case you have to miss class or an exam for medical reasons, please fill out this generic health care provider statement.

From the email: "Students are not always clear about the level of detail required (or not) to make a decision on their request. Often the medical notes provided are insufficient. This form has worked very well in evaluating requests for WE withdrawals. You will note that the questions asked are not intended to obtain details about the student's medical condition - that is not our business. What we do need to know is how the illness relates to their ability to complete their academic work. University policies regarding protection of privacy apply as is currently the case

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