Tianzheng Wang

Assistant Professor
School of Computing Science
Simon Fraser University

Office: TASC1 9213
Phone: 778-782-4488
Email: tzwang@sfu.ca

I am an assistant professor in the School of Computing Science at Simon Fraser University (since August 2018). Previously, I was a research engineer at Huawei Canada Research Centre in Toronto. Prior to that, I completed my Ph.D. in Computer Science at the University of Toronto in 2017. At Toronto, my advisors were Ryan Johnson and Angela Demke Brown. I received my B.Sc. in Computing degree from Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2012.

Research Interests

I am broadly interested in computer systems, especially exploiting modern hardware (e.g., new memory/storage media, massively parallel processors, fast network) to build fast and energy-efficient systems, both large (server) and small (embedded).

My current focus is on data-intensive systems and related areas that impact the design of database systems, such as parallel programming, distributed systems and operating systems. I also have interests in embedded and mobile systems.

Recent Papers (see here for older ones)

Easy Lock-Free Programming in Non-Volatile Memory. [slides] [code]
Tianzheng Wang, Justin Levandoski and Per-Ake Larson.
Finalist for the Memorable Paper Award
NVMW 2019

DPI: The Data Processing Interface for Modern Networks.
Gustavo Alonso, Carsten Binnig, Ippokratis Pandis, Kenneth Salem, Jan Skrzypczak, Ryan Stutsman, Lasse Thostrup, Tianzheng Wang, Zeke Wang and Tobias Ziegler. (in alphabetical order)
CIDR 2019

Easy Lock-Free Indexing in Non-Volatile Memory. [code]
Tianzheng Wang, Justin Levandoski and Per-Ake Larson.
ICDE 2018

Query Fresh: Log Shipping on Steroids. [slides] [poster] [code]
Tianzheng Wang, Ryan Johnson and Ippokratis Pandis.
VLDB 2018

Efficiently Making (almost) any Concurrency Control Mechanism Serializable. [preprint] [code]
Tianzheng Wang, Ryan Johnson, Alan Fekete and Ippokratis Pandis.
VLDBJ 2017, Volume 26, Issue 4.

Mostly-Optimistic Concurrency Control for Highly Contended Dynamic Workloads on 1000 Cores. [extended version] [slides] [poster] [code]
Tianzheng Wang and Hideaki Kimura.
VLDB 2017

Be My Guest - MCS Lock Now Welcomes Guests. [slides] [code]
Tianzheng Wang, Milind Chabbi and Hideaki Kimura.
PPoPP 2016

ERMIA: Fast Memory-Optimized Database System for Heterogeneous Workloads. [slides] [poster] [code]
Kangnyeon Kim, Tianzheng Wang, Ryan Johnson and Ippokratis Pandis.

The Serial Safety Net: Efficient Concurrency Control on Modern Hardware. [code]
Tianzheng Wang, Ryan Johnson, Alan Fekete and Ippokratis Pandis.
DaMoN 2015

Scalable Logging through Emerging Non-Volatile Memory. [abstract at NVMW 2015] [slides] [poster] [code]
Tianzheng Wang and Ryan Johnson.
VLDB 2014

Building High-Performance Smartphones via Non-Volatile Memory: The Swap Approach.
Kan Zhong, Tianzheng Wang, Xiao Zhu, Linbo Long, Duo Liu, Weichen Liu, Zili Shao and Edwin Sha.


  • Yongjun He (co-advised with Ryan Shea, Thesis MSc, 2018-)
  • Jonghyeok Park (SKKU visiting PhD student, 2019-)
  • Xiangpeng Hao (SFU/ZJU undergrad, 2018-)
  • Shangzhen Tan (XTJU undergrad, 2019-)
  • Mayanka Medhe (IIT Bombay exchange undergrad, 2019-)


CMPT 740/459: Database Systems/Special Topics in Database Systems, Fall 2019.
CMPT 740: Database Systems, Spring 2019.
CMPT 300: Operating Systems I, Spring 2019.
CMPT 454: Database Systems II, Summer 2019, Fall 2019.