Current Students:

Boris Shabash, MSc (2011), PhD (In Progress)

MSc Thesis: Improving the Portability and Performance of jViz.RNA, a Dynamic RNA Visualization Software

LinkedIn Profile: Boris Shabash

Former Students:

Wenbo Jiang, MSc (2011)

Wenbo Jiang

MSc Thesis: Improving the Search Efficiency of a Covariance Model for RNA Homology Search

LinkedIn Profile: Wenbo Jiang

Nicholas Erho, MSc (2010)

MSc Thesis: RNA Gene Discovery Through the Classification of RNA Secondary Structure Elements

LinkedIn Profile: Nicholas Erho

Andrew Hendriks, MSc (2005), PhD (2010)

PhD Thesis: A Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithm for RNA Secondary Structure Prediction

MSc Thesis: A Parallel Evolutionary Algorithm for RNA Secondaty Structure Prediction

LinkedIn Profile: Andrew Hendriks

Denny Chen Dai, PhD (ABT)

PhD Thesis: Machine Learning Techniques for the RNA Design Problem

LinkedIn Profile: Denny C. Dai

Edward Glen, MSc (2007)

MSc Thesis: jViz.RNA - A Tool for Visual Comparison and Analysis of RNA Secondary Structure

LinkedIn Profile: Edward Glen

Herbert H. Tsang, PhD (2007)

PhD Thesis: SARNA-Predict: A Permuation-Based Simulated Annealing Algorithm fo RNA Secondary Structure Prediction

Postdoctoral Research Project (2007-2009): RNA Secondary Structure Prediction

LinkedIn Profile: Herbert H. Tsang

Jagdeep Poonian, MSc (2007)

MSc Thesis: DPA-RNAPredict: A Dynamic Programming Algorithm for RNA Secondary Structure Prediction

Lenny Tang, MSc (2007)

MSc Thesis: A Three-Dimensional Computational Model for the Growth of Multicellular
Tissues and its Parallel Implementation on a Cluster

(co-supervised by Dr. Belgacem Ben Youssef)

LinkedIn Profile: Lenny Tang

Alain Deschênes, MSc (2005)

MSc Thesis: A Genetic Algorithm for RNA Secondary Structure Prediction Using Stacking Energy Thermodynamic Models

LinkedIn Profile: Alain Deschênes

Kirt Noel, MASc (2005)

MSc Thesis: Examining Stem-Loops as Sequence Signals for Identifying Structural RNA Genes

Anastasia Fedynak, MASc (2004), PhD (2007)

Transfered to PhD program in MBB at SFU

PhD Thesis: Quantifying Trends in Bacterial Virulance and Pathogen-associated genes through large scale bioinformatics analysis