Regularly Taught Courses:

  • MACM 101 - Discrete Mathematics I:
    This course is an introduction to discrete mathematics, it focuses on estabishing basic discrete mathematics principles, and motivates the relevence of those principles by providing examples of applications in computing scienceĀ 
  • CMPT 441 - Computational Biology:
    This course is an introduction to computational biology and bioinformatics. It focuses on relevant bioinformatics applications, algorithmic challanges, and solutions to these challanges.
  • CMPT 711 - Bioinformatics Algorithms:
    This is the graduate course version of CMPT 441. It includes a substantial project component.
  • CMPT 310 - Artificial Intelligence Survery:
    This course is an introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI). It covers philosophical foundations of AI, agents, AI as search, logical agents, game playing, and reasoning under uncertainty.