SE Reading Group - Spring 2013

We meet each week to discuss interesting and relevant papers in software engineering research.

##Preparation Each week, you should to both read the selected paper and think about critiquing it. You might consider strengths and weaknesses of the presented technique, strengths and weaknesses of the presentation style, future directions for the work, or anything else that interested you about the paper. You don't need to write anything, but make sure you've thought about it in advance. Some other examples and thoughts on critiques may be found here.

If you have trouble selecting a paper, you might look through the proceedings of ISSTA, ICSE, PLDI, FSE, ICST, ASPLOS, ICSM, ASE, ISMM, ICPC, POPL, or WODA. Newer students should feel free to contact more senior students for help in finding a paper that interests them.

##Schedule We meet Wednesdays at 10:30am in LWSN 1168.

Date Presenter Paper
Jan 16 Nick Jeremias Rößler, Gordon Fraser, Andreas Zeller, Alessandro Orso
Isolating Failure Causes through Test Case Generation
ISSTA 2012
Jan 23 Yunhui Boris Petrov, Martin Vechev, Manu Sridharan, Julian Dolby
Race detection for web applications
PLDI 2012
Jan 30 Tao Earl T. Barr, Thanh Vo, Vu Le, Zhendong Su
Automatic Detection of Floating-Point Exceptions
POPL 2013
Feb 6 Nick Isil Dillig, Thomas Dillig, Alex Aiken
Automated Error Diagnosis Using Abductive Inference
PLDI 2012
Feb 13 Yonghwi Juan Caballero, Gustavo Grieco, Mark Marron, and Antonio Nappa
Undangle: Early Detection of Dangling Pointers in Use-After-Free and Double-Free Vulnerabilities
ISSTA 2012
Feb 20 Kyu Kyu Hyung Lee, Xiangyu Zhang, Dongyan Xu
High Accuracy Attack Provenance via Binary-Based Execution Partition
NDSS 2013
Mar 6 Yunhui Muath Alkhalaf, Shauvik Roy Choudhary, Mattia Fazzini, Tevfik Bultan, Alessandro Orso, Christopher Kruegel
ViewPoints: Differential String Analysis for Discovering Client- and Server-Side Input Validation Inconsistencies
ISSTA 2012
Mar 20 Tao Jaco Geldenhuys, Matthew B. Dwyer, Willem Visser
Probabilistic Symbolic Execution
ISSTA 2012
Mar 27 Yonghwi Nicolas Viennot, Siddarth Nair, Jason Nieh
Transparent Mutable Replay for Multicore Debugging and Patch Validation
Apr 3 Jianjun Heming Cui, Gang Hu, Jingyue Wu, Junfeng Yang
Verifying Systems Rules Using Rule-Directed Symbolic Execution
Apr 10 Kyu Lorenzo Gomez, Iulian Neamtiu, Tanzirul Azim, and Todd Millstein
RERAN: Timing- and Touch-Sensitive Record and Replay for Android
ICSE 2013
Apr 17 Chang-ai Sun Guest lecture by Chang-ai Sun

Apr 24 Jianjun Wei Le
Segmented Symbolic Analysis
ICSE 2013