Term Project Finalization

In Class Demo

On the last day of class, each group will give a five minute demo of their project. The purpose of this demo is to showcase the features and quality of your application in addition to providing explanations for any unclear portions of the final product.

Some marks will be assigned for the presentation, and each group member present should do some of the talking.

Agreed Upon List of Who Did What

In class, on the last day of class, submit a hard-copy (print out) listing of who did which parts of the project. This should simply be an itemized list of tasks and the names of group members who performed them. All group members present that day must sign it. This ensures that everyone agrees. Those who don't come to class miss their chance to check it. The list is not worth any marks, but if not submitted, or if terribly incomplete, then all group members get 0 on the project. The list should include the contributions of each member, such as:

Individual Peer Review

Each group member should electronically submit a self and peer review. It will be marked based on the quality of comments and evaluations. Comments should be in the form of constructive feedback, and supported by evidence. Your fellow teammates may see the feedback that you provide to them.

Submissions must have both of the following:

Giving constructive criticism does not cause a group member to lose mark. Each of us have things we can improve on; this is an opportunity to help your group members identify their strengths and weaknesses.

Client Review

An outside "client" will provide feedback on each project and rate the quality according to their needs and expectations. Based on this rating, groups may be given a small number of bonus marks to reward excellence.

The best project will be selected for an award, assuming at least one project meets the client's expectations. In this case, each member of the team producing the winning app will receive a prize (unrelated to their grade).

Notes on Marking

These deliverables give group members feedback and help assess individual contributions to the group. Students who are not assets to their groups may get 0 on the project, and other group members may gain marks. For example, if one group member is in charge of the settings but fails to work on the project, he/she may get 0 on the project and other group members might not be penalized for poor handling of the settings.

Other mechanisms will be used to review individual performance, such as reviewing number and quality of Git check-ins.

Guidelines for project finalization courtesy of Dr. B Fraser