Term Project
Spring 2015


In your assigned group of 3 to 4 students, complete three iterations of development on a Meetly geotagged scheduling application that interacts with both nearby Android devices and a centralized server. Your group will create a git repository that you must use for development.

Your grade for the project will largely be based on the quality of your submissions, marked as a group. Portions of your mark will come from your individual contribution. At the end of the semester, you will provide constructive feedback to your group members on their strengths and areas for improvement. Students with poor participation with their team will earn a poor grade or be removed from the group.

Getting Started

Iteration 1 (Due March 13)

Iteration 2 (Due March 27)

Iteration 3 (Due April 13)

Team and Project Support

Suggestions for all groups:

Extra group-related support is available for any student or team to draw on. Example support includes:

Handling Group Problems

If a student is found to not be contributing well to his/her team then the instructor will do the following:


An under performing student may be told they are on probation within their group due to previous poor performance in the group. The student will be told how long probation is to last (perhaps a week), during which time the student must demonstrate that they have changed their behavior and become a contributing team member. Expectations for all students, especially those on probation, include:

At the end of probation, when a student demonstrates they have changed their behavior and become a functional member of the team, their probation ends with no extra consequences (may still have reduced grade for earlier work). However, if by the time probation ends a student has not demonstrated they are a productive member of the team, they will be removed from the group. Students removed from groups will either get 0 on remaining work, or be required to complete some/all of the work individually; penalties may apply for failure to function in a team.

If a student is removed from a group then the remaining members of the team will either complete less of the requirements, or their product polish will be less. Please discuss with the instructor for each iteration to decide what is required for your team.

The instructor may make adjustments to these guidelines to better address individual situations.

Team management \& probationary strategies for CMPT 276 courtesy of Dr. B Fraser