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Contact Info

Room 9241
School of Computing Science
Simon Fraser University
8888, University Drive
Burnaby, British Columbia
V3T 0A3


About me

I am an assistant professor of Computer Science in Simon Fraser University.

I am broadly interested in systems architecture, with specific emphasis on the hardware and interaction of hardware with software. I continue to focus on hardware support for parallelism, synchronization and improving reliability of software. My current area of work include energy management and accounting infrastructure for mobile systems and energy-efficient memory hierarchies.

Who am I ?

computer scientist, one-time zip-liner, , C/C++ developer, LaTex lover, MACaddict half-decent tennis player, novice skydiver, expert map reader, terrible skier, used to be a porsche 944 driver , Madrasi .

My Research Wordle

News and Recent Publications

Congratulations to Snehasish and Naveen on their ISCA 2015 paper on coherency for accelerators

Congratulations to Snehasish and Naveen on their ICS 2015 paper on accelerators for data structures

Top Picks 2014 GPU Coherence paper is a top pick from 2013.

ISCA 2013 Adaptive Cache Coherence. Congrats Hongzhou and Snehasish.

ASPLOS 2013 Power/Energy Containers