Graduate Student Assistant Professor Associate Professor
circa 2004 circa 2011 circa 2016

Who am I?

computer scientist, one-time zip-liner, C/C++ developer, LaTex lover, MACaddict half-decent tennis player, half-decent auto mechanic, novice skydiver, expert map reader, terrible skier, used to be a porsche 944 driver, used to be an M3 driver, Madrasi, loving husband.

Who am I really?

Arrvindh is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Simon Fraser University.

Arrvindh is broadly interested in systems architecture, with specific emphasis on the hardware and interaction of hardware with software. My current area of work include energy management, accelerator architectures, and energy efficient memory hierarchies. I continue to focus on hardware support for parallelism, synchronization and improving reliability of software. Arrvindh has published on parallel programming, cache coherence protocols, and compiler frameworks for hardware accelerators. He dreams about the use of computers for controlling everything from automotive engines to HVAC systems.

Arrvindh Shriraman is the recipient of a 2011 NSERC Discovery Early Career Supplement award, a 2014 IBM Faculty Award and received an IEEE TopPicks award in 2013

Arrvindh Shriraman received his PhD from the Department of Computer Sciences at the University of Rochester working with Prof. Sandhya Dwarkadas and Prof. Michael Scott for his work on hardware transactional memory and synchronization. Based on this background, he continues to be interested in parallel systems.

Employment history