S. Cenk Sahinalp (bio)

Computational Genomics and Algorithms

email: cenk at

Director: SFU Lab For Computational Biology (check to learn about our research, projects, people...)
Professor of Computing Science, SFU (2007 -)
Visiting faculty, Genome Sciences, University of Washington, and Eichler Lab, Howard Hughes Medical Institute (2008 -)
Associate Faculty, Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, SFU (2009 -)
Associate Member, Vancouver Prostate Centre (2011 -)
Canada Research Chair in Computational Genomics
Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Scholar

Ph.D. Computer Science, University of Maryland, College Park (1991-1997)
B.Sc. Electrical Engineering, Bilkent University (1986-1991)

Would you like to learn more about the research conducted in the lab?

Here are some examples:
photo photo

Here is an interview with Genome Web summarizing some of the features of our CommonLAW package

Nature Biotechnology recently highlighted our CommonLAW package

Check my lecture on Structural Variation Discovery at YouTube!

A more introductory exposure to our research in Structural Variation Discovery: an interview by the Health Matters Show at CJSF FM 90.1

Finally something for those with a seriously short attention span!

PUBLICATIONS (from Lab for Computational Biology)

Publication list from PUBMED (biomedical sciences orientation)
Publication list from DBLP (computer science orientation)


AWARDS & FUNDING (warning:old)


TALKS (warning:old)


CMPT 889, Selected Topics in Computational Biology (warning: old)
CMPT 441-711, Intro to Computational Biology - Bioinformatics Algorithms (fall'12)

I am serving on the program committees of RECOMB'12, ISMB'12, APBC'12, BSB'12, ISBRA'12, ACM BCB'12 ... I also serve on the editorial boards of BMC Bioinformatics, Algorithms (MDPI), Mobile Genetic Elements, etc.. Here are some meetings I helped to organize:

Steering Committee: RECOMB Seq (co-located with RECOMB 2012 in Barcelona)

PC-Chair: APBC'13, Vancouver, BC

Co-organizer: NSF-IMA Workshop on Biomolecular, Communication and Social Networks, 2012

Co-chair: ISMB, Long Beach, CA: Sequence Analysis Track, 2012

Co-chair: CSHL Genome Informatics Meeting: Personal Genomics Track, 2011

General chair: RECOMB, Vancouver, BC, 2011

Co-organizer: NSF-IPAM Special Year on Navigating Chemical Compound Space for Materials and Biodesign, 2011

Co-chair: PSB, Big Island, HI: Personalized Genomics track, 2010

Co-chair: PSB, Big Island, HI: Computational Studies of non-coding RNAs track, 2010

Co-organizer: Mathematics of String Spaces and Algorithmic Applications, a Banff Workshop, 2009

And something from the past:

PC chair: CPM'04, Istanbul, Turkey

Last update: Feb 2012