Imprecise Color Constancy versus Color Realism

Funt, B., "Imprecise Color Constancy versus Color Realism", The Behavioral and Brain Sciences, Vol. 26 No.1, pp. 27, Feb 2003.


Byrne & Hilbert's thesis, that color be associated with reflectance-type, is questioned on the grounds that it is far from clear that the human visual system is able to determine a surface's reflectance-type with sufficient accuracy. In addition, a (friendly) suggestion is made as to how to amend the definition of reflectance-type in terms of CIE (Commission Internationale de l'Eclairage) coordinates under a canonical illuminant.

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Keywords: Color; color vision; comparative vision; ecological view; inverted spectrum; mental representation; perception; physicalism; qualia; realism; similarity

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