Data Pricing – From Economics to Data Science

Jian Pei
Simon Fraser University

It is well recognized that data are invaluable.  How can we assess the value of data objectively and numerically? Pricing data has been studied and practiced in dispersed areas and principles, such as economy, data management and data mining, electronic commerce, and marketing. In this tutorial, we try to present a unified and comprehensive overview of this important and long overdue pillar in data science and engineering.  We will examine various motivations behind data pricing, understand the economics of data pricing, review the development and evolution of pricing models, and compare the proposals of marketplaces of data.  We will also connect data pricing with several highly related areas, such as cloud service pricing, privacy pricing, and decentralized privacy preserving infrastructure like blockchain.  In addition, we will align with the industry practice where real business is running. This tutorial will be highly interdisciplinary and will be indeed a fusion of academia foundations and industry practice. We do not assume any background knowledge and will make the essential ideas highly accessible to practitioners and graduate students.

In order to ensure the delivery quality of the tutorial, all videos are available at YouTube.  Please watch the videos at YouTube.

The Schedule is as follows (all in Pacific Time).

For any questions, feel free to talk to me during the tutorial at the zoom link, or send me emails <> after the tutorial.