Terms of Releasing Implementation

We are happy to release our software so that our research results can be used in various applications. All rights of the implementation are reserved by the authors. Permission is granted here without fee for academic, education, and/or personal uses only. All the software packages are released as the way they are. Our software should be regarded as "freeware", for which the authors do not hold any responsibility. Emails soliciting explanation might be ignored. In some situations, the source codes are not available due to the intellectual property issues. All comments and suggestions should be directed to the contact (or first) author of the corresponding paper, the implementer, or Jian Pei. Please contact Jian Pei if you are interested in any further development or applications of our methods where I may help.

Software Packages

PADS: Pattern-Aware Dynamic Search for Efficient Max-Pattern Mining

Probability-threshold top-k query processor and probabilistic data generator



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