Multimedia and Wireless Networking Group

Current Postdoc

  • Wei Gong (2015-; PhD from Tsinghua University)

  • Ryan Shea (2016-; PhD from SFU; University Research Associate at SFU (mentoring Big Data Professional Master Program)

  • Jihong Yu (2017-; PhD from University of Paris - Sud XI, France)


Current Students

  • Cong Zhang (PhD, 2012-; CSC Oversea Fellowship)

  • Lei Zhang (PhD, 2014-; BS from Huazhong Univ. Sci. & Tech.; MSc from SFU; CD Nelson Fellowship)

  • Yifei Zhu (PhD, 2015-; MSc from HKUST)

  • Yuchi Chen (PhD, 2015-; MSc from Beijing University of Post and Telecomm.)

  • Jia Zhao (PhD, 2015-; MSc from Beijing Jiaotong University)

  • Xiaoyi Fan (PhD, 2016-; BS from Beijing University of Post and Telecomm.; MSc from SFU).

  • Fangxin Wang (PhD, 2016-; MSc from Tsinghua Univ.)

  • Yutao Huang (MSc, 2016-; BS from Shanghai Jiaotong Univ.)

  • Si Chen (MSc, 2016-; BS from Tsinghua Univ.)

  • Siyu Wu (MSc, 2016; BS from Nanjing Univ. Sci. & Tech)

  • Chi Xu (MSc, 2013-; BS from Xidian University)

  • Qiyun He (MSc, 2015-; BS from SFU)

  • Di (Silvery) Fu (Concurrent MSc, 2015-; SFU DDP undergraduate)




  • Ryan Shea (PhD, 2016)

                         - currently University Research Associate at Simon Fraser University

  • Xiaoqiang Ma (PhD, 2015)

                        - currently Assistant Professor at Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China

  • Zhe Yang (Postdoc, 2014-2015)    

  •                     - currently Associate Professor at Northwest Polytechnical University, China

    Yanfang Le (MSc, July 2015)

                    - currently PhD student at University of Wisconsin at Madision

  • Haitao Li (PhD, SFU, May 2014)

                    - currently Project Manager at HiSense Co. Ltd.

  • Fei Chen (PhD, SFU, August 2014)

                    - currently Assistant Professor at Jiangnan Univeristy

                    - currently Founding CEO of WiFier

  • Haiyang Wang (PhD, SFU, June 2013)

                     - currently Assistant Professor at University of Minnesota at Duluth, USA

  • Feng Wang (PhD, SFU, May 2012)

                     - currently Assistant Professor at University of Mississippi, USA

  • Xu Cheng (PhD, SFU, June 2012)

                     - currently Research Engineer at Broadband TV Corp. Vancouver

  • Yan Ding (MSc, SFU, 2011)

                  - currently Software Engineer at Google YouTube, Mountain View, USA

  • Ma Li (MSc, SFU, 2011)

                  - currently Software Engineer at Microsoft, Redmond, USA

  • Zezheng Peng (MSc, SFU, 2011)

                  - currently CEO of CloudSmart

  • Yangfan Zhou (PhD, CUHK, 2009; co-supervising with Prof. Michael R. Lyu)

                  - currently Research Staff Member, CUHK Shenzhen Research Institute  

  • Cameron Dale (MSc, SFU, 2008)

                  - currently at Senior Software Engineer at Google, Mountain View, USA

  • Dan Wang (Postdoc, 2007)

                  - currently Associate Professor at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong   

  • Edith C.-H. Ngai (PhD, CUHK, May 2007; co-supervising with Prof. Michael R. Lyu)

                         - currently Associate Professor at Uppsala University, Sweden

  • Ming Zhou (MSc, SFU, 2005)

                  - currently CTO of Avonaco Communications System

  • Yuanzhu Peter Chen (Postdoc, 2004-2005; co-supervising with Prof. Art Liestman)

                  - currently Associate Professor at Memorial University of New FoundLand, Canada